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Timber Framed Kitchen

Project requirements and design

In the first meeting with the new customer we discussed the requirements for the kitchen design project and the different types of designs and styles that felt appropriate for their new kitchen furniture. We measured the area, created the design of the new kitchen and at a later date, returned with the CAD plans to discuss them in detail with the customer and make final adjustments. We went through examples and samples of materials and finishes to arrive at a final project plan.

Material preparation

Once the project was underway we calculated the amount of materials needed and prepared the cutting lists using our CAD system with a optimisation functionality that helps us to get the most economic use out the different materials.

Due to the scale of this project, the timber was delivered in multiple instalments as the materials from each batch had to be prepared, cut up and spray finished before we could start assembling the carcasses of the kitchen cabinets.

Making process

We machine molded and sanded all the parts that were ready for cutting, mitering and assembling. This was a time consuming process as all parts have to be very accurately made and numbered like a huge Jigsaw puzzle to allow us to easily assemble the parts at later stages.

After assembling door in frames, we trimmed and sanded them to fit and prepared to go to our spray room to be primed and prepared to be painted on site. At this stage we also sanded and primed all other components such as moldings, end panels, cornices and plinths.

All kitchen cabinet carcasses get fitted with in-frames doors and drawers. Where possible we installed hinges, catches, runners, shelf location holes and shelves in a controlled environment in our workshop.

Delivery and installation

Once the above stages were completed, we loaded up the vehicles to deliver the new kitchen furniture components to the site. Delivery process involved a lot of organising to make sure the furniture arrives in the correct order to ensure the assembly and installation process runs smoothly.

We finally fixed and fitted all units as required. This particular project required sorting out extra areas such as installing new storage pantry cupboards, refreshing the old units in the utility boot room, repainting the new cornice and installing new handles and worktops to match the style of the new kitchen.

End product

We worked closely with the customer to design and build a one-of-a-kind kitchen that the customer has envisioned. The result was a beautiful kitchen with highly functional and durable furniture that will serve the customers well for many years to come.

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